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You are a business owner, executive, or HR professional. 

You are an attorney looking for specialized advice for your client. You are an individual who needs help with an employment matter.

Watkinson Legal PC's clients come from a variety of different industries, professions and perspectives.  They all have one thing in common: they need expert legal assistance with an employment issue.  Watkinson Legal PC is here to help.

You are a business owner, executive or HR Professional.​

You are busy.  You wear many hats - but lawyer is not one of them.  It's not that you need a lawyer or a law firm all the time, but when you have an employment question, problem, or issue, you need an employment lawyer who is experienced and responsive.


You need to update your employee handbook, or establish a compensation structure, or deal with an employee who is taking medical leave.  You want to engage or provide services as an independent contractor.  You need a severance agreement for a departing employee.


While some situations call for a full-service law firm, most do not.  For your employment issues, you only need one trusted, experienced legal professional who knows employment law inside and out.  


Kate Watkinson Wright works to understand your business and your legal needs, and gives direct, practical advice.

You are in-house or general counsel.​


Maybe you run the legal department, maybe you are the legal department.  Are there times when you don't have the expertise to deal with a complicated employment issue?  Or maybe you recieve a BOLI complaint and you are stretched too thin to respond by the deadline?  


Maybe you are dealing with a high-risk, high stakes workplace complaint of embezzlement or sexual harassment allegations and you need to hire an outisde attorney or workplace investigator to help protect your interests throughout the process.  Maybe you recieve a demand letter on a wage claim and you aren't sure how to handle it to minimize potential liability for attorney fees and penalty wages.

Whatever the reason, Watkinson Legal PC can help. Kate Watkinson Wright is her own boss, and has the flexibility and experience to provide you support when you need it most.​

You are an attorney.​


You're doing your best to keep your clients and to keep your clients happy.  But what if a client calls and you have a conflict, or you do not have the expertise? Referring your client to another law firm presents risks; law firms are hungry.


In those situations, Watkinson Legal PC can help. Kate Watkinson Wright grew up in a full-service law firm, and she is savvy to the benefits and downsides to big law's client service model. Kate does not run a full-service law firm, and she doesn't want to.  So, your client is safe with Kate.  She is happy to help your clients with employment matters when you can't. She will treat them well, provide excellent and practical legal services, and return them happy.

You are an individual.

Watkinson Legal also offers specialized employment advice and representation to individual employees.  You may be in a situation where you are starting a new job and need review of an employment contract.  You may be leaving a job and you need help negotiating a severance or retirement package.  You may be at a job and having problems with management, and need help navigating the situation in order to protect yourself and assert your rights.  Please contact Kate Watkinson Wright to find out more about individual representation.

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