COVID-19 in the Workplace

Since March 2020, we've all been dealing with the global pandemic.  Employers have shouldered incredible burdens, in addition to keeping business afloat, with guarding employee safety, meeting job protection requirements, responding to unemployment claims, and complying with sick leave mandates.

In March 2020, Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  This entitled nearly all employees (with limited large-employer and health care-employer exceptions) to job-protected paid sick leave and family leave.  Although the future of this bill remains unknown, it is likely that the new presidential administration and congress will push forward additional COVID relief bills which include or extend these mandates and protections.

Likewise, in November 2020, the Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OR- OSHA) published a Temporary Rule governing workplace safety protections that mandate strict infection control practices, policy requirements and communication protocols for all Oregon workplaces.  These rules will be in effect until at least May 2021, if not longer.

Employers have always shouldered a heavy burden in terms of compliance with laws, and during the pandemic it is no different.  Contact Watkinson Legal PC to find out answers to your pressing questions about new legislation and its effect on your business, safety and obligations to your most valuable asset - your people.